Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling

Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling

Gambling is a game activity where one individual bet with any possession which he/she might own. This possession can be money or materialistic also. Usually, gambling involves 3win2u money. It was initially played for time pass and fun; slowly, it is converted into a game that can make people earn more money within a few hours or days. Now it is a dangerous game along which can make people addicted to it very quickly. It might sound very casual, but this issue can be quite hazardous for an individual. The process of transformation of gambling activity from a harmless game to an unhealthy obsession is very gradual. It is challenging to identify the issue and accept it. In 2012, the United States recorded 5.77 million people were dealing with gambling disorder.


Gambling Addiction –

Gambling addiction is a slow process that leads to mental and physical disturbance. It is stated that it is an impulsive control disorder. Impulsive-control disorder means where a person is not able to control its behavior. A person grows an unhealthy relationship with gambling. He/she becomes obsessive and intent to control the game.

Gambling Addiction -

Problem Gambling –

Problem gambling may go through anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. It also affects the physical condition of a person. It is an urge to keep playing the game irrespective of the negative impact. Sometimes a problem gambler is unable to stop himself/herself from gambling. Some problem gambler is considered as a pathological gambler. A pathological gambling disorder is associated with social and personal points. Some of the symptoms need to gamble, restlessness if not gambling, gambling when depressed, and intention to lie.


Problem Gambling to Gambling Addiction –

There are a few factors that lead problem gambling to gambling addiction. Some of the elements are mental health disorders, family issues, personality, and drug intake. Some other factors are trauma, work stress, and other addictions. Matters related to gambling may lead to a relationship problem, health issues, financial issues, and legal issues.


Conclusion –

Gambling addicts and problem gambling may seem similar. Problem gambling leads to gambling addiction. If people confuse and mix both of them, it can create a huge mess. Also, people must understand and identify both issues correctly. And even acknowledging the trouble is also vital. Ignoring the issue or underestimating is not the solution to these. Gambling issues will eventually drain your energy and create problems in your professional and personal life. If a person who is suffering from a gambling problem is not supported or treated, it might lead to the death of the person. According to a study, gambling is one of the most prominent issues due to which one commits suicide.

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